Will your furniture fit in your new home?

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You’ve just survived the move – the last thing you need now is a furniture-fitting disaster!

Here are five tips to streamline setting up your new home and ensure your furniture fits perfectly.

1. Measure

Step 1 is to measure the length, width and height of your furniture. Don’t forget to include feet or other subtle differences that can turn a snug fit into a nightmare.

2. Make a floor plan

Armed with your measurements, sketch out a floor plan of where you plan for each item to go. Refine the floor plan as needed, then give it to removalists or friends who are helping so that everyone is clear where major items are going.

3. Tape it out

Mark out each item’s new home with tape, including height, to ensure it will fit physically and aesthetically, and not block windows, doors or passageways.

4. Check entryways and doors

Check that each piece will fit in all entryways and doors. Measure the height and width of all doors and hallways, being sure to take the measurement inside the doorframe. Then measure the clearance length between outside and interior walls.

5. Augmented reality apps

If buying new furniture, look for augmented reality apps that let you take photos and measurements of your space and see how various elements would look, and whether they fit. Some will even create simple floor plans based on the dimensions you plug in.

6. Think comfort and function

You want your new space to be comfortable and functional. Don’t just measure from wall to wall – reserve areas to allow for comfortable traffic flow, and for doors that swing open into the room.

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