Smaver - The smarter way to move

About Smaver

Why the owl?

The owl is our totem animal. They’re wise, and they have incredible eyesight. 

Smaver is a smarter way to move. Like an owl on the lookout for prey, we’re constantly hunting for great value products and services to save you time, money and hassles when moving house. 

‘V’ is for value

Value is at the heart of everything we do – this is represented by the big ‘V’ in our name. We provide offers that are more than big discounts: they combine quality and convenience with great prices to save you hours, hassles and hundreds.

Trusted providers in one place

There are thousands of businesses that are desperate to help you plan, organise and make your move. We use our experience and contacts to access the best value offers available for moving-related goods and services. Every move is different, so we bring these offers together in one place so you can find the right provider for your needs.