Welcome to the neighbourhood

Your Smaver Welcome Pack helps you get set up and settled in fast. It has key local government information, important things to do now and significant savings on essential home services.

Welcome Packs are delivered by email and are tailored to the State or Territory you live in and over 200 Local Government Areas.

Which state/territory are you moving to?


Savings of over $1500 on energy, internet and key home services

Take advantage of smaver welcome offers from service providers and businesses supplying the essentials you’ll need to turn on the lights, fire up the stove, get online and make your home the way you want it.

Update details

Avoid fines and late payment fees

Update quickly required details for your vehicles, pets and address for Federal and State government notices

Emergency contacts

Single list of key emergency contacts

Telephone details for medical, police, water and power emergencies for your local government area.


Quick links for local essential services

Council information on the rubbish collection, pets and rate payments. Search local childcare, kindergarten, school and community groups.