Ten tips to help kids and pets through the moving process

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Moving is stressful enough for grownups. For kids and pets, who crave familiarity and certainty, moving can be a traumatic time.

Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to ease the stress for kids and pets – and maybe even make it a positive experience.

1. Give plenty of notice

Talk to kids well in advance so they can adjust to this big change. Find positive associations with the new neighbourhood, such as an exciting play centre or being near grandparents. And arrange opportunities for them to say goodbye to friends.

2. Get kids involved

Involve kids in decisions about your new home so they feel a part of the process. Let them choose the colour of their room, decorations, or new furniture. Get them to pack a box of their favourite belongings for the move.

3. Visit your new neighbourhood beforehand

If you can, make a few trips to your new neighbourhood to acquaint kids and pets with their new surroundings. Finding fun playgrounds and parks in the new area will soften any anxiety about the change.

4. Update pet registration

Your pets will be in an unfamiliar area and may get lost. It’s vital you update their registration details with your new address. Also consider ID tags with your new address.

5. Get schools sorted

If moving to a new area or different city, explore schooling options and make enrolments before the move. Get everything organised in advance, including uniforms and textbooks, to reduce any anxiety.

6. Get family to mind kids and pets

Get family or friends to mind your kids and pets on the day. This will streamline your move, and let you set up the kids’ rooms by the time they arrive. If your kids have to stay with you, one word: screentime!

7. Consider a boarding kennel for move day

If you can’t get a friend to mind your pet, consider a boarding kennel for move day.

8. Keep pets in a quiet area

If your pet has to stay with you during the move, keep them in a separate, quiet area out of the way, like a spare bedroom or bathroom.

9. Consider using a pet relocation service

If you have a significant move, consider using a pet relocation service.

10. Have favourite toys, blankets and beds handy

And finally, have favourite toys, blankets and beds handy to make kids and pets feel settled in their new home.

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