Seven tips when choosing a new gym

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Moving house might mean you need to find a new gym. There are lots of options to consider. Should you go with a big franchise with lots of outlets? Or will a smaller ‘boutique’ gym suit you better?

Here are seven tips to find the perfect gym in your new neighbourhood:

1. Ask for recommendations

First, ask family, friends and neighbours if they know of a good gym in your new area. A solid word of mouth recommendation is gold.

2. Locations

Having a gym near your home or work makes it more convenient to work out. If you go with a big franchise, you might be able to choose between locations – including near home and work. And if you travel interstate, you might still be able to squeeze in a workout. Boutique gyms need to be reasonably close by to ensure you stay motivated to go.

3. Gym hours

Consider when you’ll most likely want to work out, and find a gym with hours that suit. A 24-hour gym may appeal if you’re a busy parent or professional – or an insomniac.

4. Training options and instruction

Look for gyms that offer all three fitness disciplines:

  • a variety of cardiovascular-based exercise machines like treadmills and exercise bikes;
  • strength training equipment (such as weights);
  • and a choice of exercise classes to suit different age groups and fitness levels.

A good gym will also offer expert instruction in how to use the equipment, and will help you map out a fitness program.

5. Facilities

Visit potential gyms to inspect their facilities. Look for modern equipment and a safe, clean and spacious area to exercise in.

6. Perks

Many gyms will offer perks for being a member. Do your homework and evaluate your options.

7. Cost and value

Not all gyms are created equal. Think about the value you’re getting for the cost. Do the staff care about your fitness success? Do they provide a clean and safe space with a plethora of options and amenities? Are they building a community?

While you get what you pay for to a certain extent, it needn’t cost an arm and a leg to enjoy a positive and rewarding workout experience.

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