Seven reasons to use professional removalists

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It’s tempting to save money on your move by going DIY. But professional removalists do much more than just move your furniture.

Here are seven reasons to go pro:

1. Experience

Once you’ve packed your life into boxes, you then need to get it safely to your new home and placed in the right spot. Experience handling heavy and awkward items while navigating stairs and narrow doorways is priceless.

2. Insurance

If you’re moving your own furniture, your existing contents insurance policy may not cover your belongings while in transit – meaning that you’ll have to fund any repairs or replacements yourself.

In this case, you could consider purchasing transit insurance from a specialist provider.

However, most professional removalists offer a range of insurance options to safeguard your goods. This includes transit insurance, which may be included in their standard offering, or available for an additional cost.

3. Protection

Professional removalists use specialised protective materials and equipment to provide greater security for your goods.

4. Certainty

Engaging professionals gives you certainty around your move-out and move-in dates, so you can book cleaners and tradespeople with confidence.

You’re also more likely to avoid nasty ‘add-on’ surprises from budget removalists who often take longer than the quoted time – these additional costs can offset any savings you might make from using them in the first place.

5. Avoid injury

Save your back when moving home – professional removalists have the experience and equipment to do the heavy lifting for you.

6. Packing

Good packing is critical to an organised move. Many removalists offer professional packing as an additional service to keep your goods safe during transit, and streamline the setup of your new home.

7. Save time and money

Going DIY can take multiple days to pack, transport and unpack your goods. A professional removalist can complete your move faster, meaning less additional childcare costs and time off work for you.

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