Moving house – should you DIY or call in the pro’s?

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There are pros and cons of moving by yourself versus getting professional removalists. While you may save some money upfront going DIY, it’s often worth paying a little more to save a lot of time, effort, stress… and back pain.

And you may be surprised to learn that using professional removalists can actually save you money.

When moving home, you generally have four options:

1. Total DIY

Borrowing a van and getting help from mates is appealing for a small move on a small budget. It won’t cost much – apart from a friendship if it’s a disaster!

Note that your existing contents insurance policy may not cover your belongings while in transit. In this case, you might consider getting transit insurance.

For more information, watch the video ‘What happens if there’s an accident or theft during your move?

2. Hire a moving van or truck

This is a great way to streamline a budget move. For example, hiring a truck for a local move of a 3-bedroom house in a large capital city will cost between $150-$220. Plus you still need to load and unload your stuff.

Generally, van and truck hire outlets don’t offer transit insurance for your goods, only for the vehicle itself (which is an additional cost).

3. Removalists with a truck on a site like Airtasker

Engaging removalists with a truck on a site like Airtasker can save you time and potentially cash. Plus you won’t need to hit your friends up for another favour.

Expect to pay a minimum of around $440 for a local 3-bedroom move in a large capital city.

But beware of any ‘add-on’ costs if your move goes longer than the quoted time frame – this can really blow out your moving budget.

Also, they generally won’t offer transit insurance on your goods, which can be costly if you have fragile or valuable items.

4. Professional removalists

Lastly, engaging professional removalists is the ultimate in low-stress and pain-free moving. They handle the loading, safe transport and unloading of your goods.

Professional removalists cost around $150 per hour. You’ll pay between $600-$800 for a 3-bedroom local move in a large capital city, depending on a wide range of factors.

Most professional removalists offer transit insurance to cover you against accidents or damage during the move. Check if this is included, or an additional cost. Some also offer professional packing and cleaning services and temporary storage options for an additional fee.

Using professionals gives you greater certainty around your move, which can mean less ‘add-on’ costs and days off work compared to using budget removalists or going total DIY. Plus you can access transit cover for your goods. So going pro could actually save you money in the long run.


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