Six benefits of short-term storage

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Whether you’re renovating or selling your home, the kids are moving out (or in – again), you have a growing family or business, or a new hobby has gotten out of hand, there’s a temporary storage option to solve your problem.

Here are six benefits of using short-term storage – with some that might surprise you:

1. Flexibility

Temporary storage gives you flexibility when you need it, for as long as you need it. You can rent by the month, or choose from cheaper longer-term options. You also have flexible size options to help you accommodate big or small short-term storage needs.

2. Security

Most temporary storage units offer high security with access codes, theft alarms and CCTV cameras. They may also be waterproof, rodent-proof and climate controlled, ensuring your precious goods stay safe at all times.

3. Certainty

There are no hidden costs when hiring a temporary storage unit – you get a lease agreement clearly detailing the costs before you sign.

4. Accessibility

Most self-storage units are accessible 7 days a week, with some offering 24-hour access. You get a unique access code so you can come and go without anyone needing to let you in.

5. Transport

With some storage companies, there’s no need for a truck or trailer to move items – they will come to you to collect your goods and deliver them again safely. Others may provide trucks to help you move your items yourself. When shopping around, ask about their additional moving services and associated costs.

6. Ease

Finally, self-storage units offer benefits such as loading bays, heavy duty goods lifts and a range of trolleys to make moving in or out a breeze.

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